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PNW AquaTech Aquarium Maintenance

PNW AquaTech is committed to bringing the best aquarium maintenance to the Portland and Vancouver areas using our 5 step PNW Total Care Maintenance program

Step 1

Describe step 1 with gusto.  Testing water parameters

We believe knowing the existing parameters for your saltwater environment are key to proper maintenance and care

Add image of water testing in progress

Add image of someone looking close at tank inhabitants.  Maybe with a cool lab coat.

Step 2

Describe step 2 with gusto.  Health check of tank inhabitants.  Look and deal with pests, check for visual health of fish and invertebrates

Step 3

Describe step 3 with gusto.  Water change with PNW AquaTech Pro Saltwater Mix, ensuring proper mineral and nutrient levels with each batch.

Add image of something water change like... needs to look clean and fresh.

Add image of saltwater test parameters maybe.

Step 4

Describe step 4 with gusto.  Additional water parameters check for PH, Temp, Top Off, etc.

Step 5

Describe step 5 with gusto.  Full SUMP maintenance, including socks, fleece rollers, skimmers, etc

Add image of a clean sump and a thumbs up from maintenance crew

PNW Total Care Maintenance Service

Please reach out below through telephone or e-mail to schedule maintenance appointments and get quotes for saltwater aquarium maintenance.  From home tanks to large office reefs, PNW AquaTech is looking forward to servicing your saltwater aquarium needs!




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